Monday, December 04, 2006

How is your progress?

Hi all - feel free to post your ideas and your progress so far if you are using the GCTS in any form, and especially if you have other ideas about self-training methods you'd like to share with everyone here!


Guillaume de Rouzé said...


This is how i work. (i am actually 1854 FIDE without seriously working.)

-I learn tactics from the begining cause i need to know well the patterns
---->Material: 5665+1 positions by Polgar. Lot of mat in 2, in 3 and 600 miniature where you can look for attack on the castle king.
-Strategy: Silman book for a first look of the subject, then i pick up a position in " Chess Middlegame" by L. Polgar, work on it without moving the pieces, look at the solution and then play it against fritz 7 (enought strong !)
-Opening: should stop playing blitz to gain time for that !
-Endgame: Karsten Muller Fudamental is great, but i dont have time ! (need a better sheldule).

Conclusion: stop playing blitz and reading blog in order to gain time for study !

Brendan said...

as someone starting out w/ chess study this has been a tremendous framework to organize and optimize my efforts. Right now ICC 900, and as a relative noob I'm working to strengthen my understanding of theory. given that, S blocks have been important for me, and I've been keeping these focused on themes. Before implementing the GCTS I was all over the place.

My short-term goals are 1. 1200 and 2. to feel comfortable enough playing in an OTB event, so my approach is probably more casual than those aiming for a rating of 2000+.

I'll spend anywhere from 30 min to 2 hrs a day on chess, and use roughly 30 min as a unit of time. 30 min is not strictly enforced, so if I'm really into studying a particular theme, I might spend 60 min on one unit.

I've organized my cycles as follows:

Group 1 - SO1, VT1, SG1, SE1
Group 2 - SO1, VT1, VE1, PL1
Group 3 - SO1, SG1, VT1, VG1
Group 4 - SO1, VT1, VE1, PL1

The order I complete units within a group changes from cycle to cycle depending on what I'm interested in at the time, but to make sure I'm staying balanced, I'll try to finish all units in a group before moving on to the next. I've loosely front loaded S in each group and since I'm tracking rating at the end of each cycle, PL is the last thing I do in group 4.

I keep a spreadsheet and check off units as I complete them, and I record my rating at the end of each cycle.

For me, the biggest benefit of this approach is the balanced approach and the structure.

Been using several of the books suggested on Mark's list. interested to hear what books others have used for VG units.

Mark said...

Blitz Addiction is certainly the bane of good OTB chess. I have *exactly* the opposite problem - I don't play blitz at all, and it shows when I decide to log on and try a few games.
I know for me I need to play more blitz just to see positions in real time so I can improve my instincts...

It's really great to here from a 'noob' who finds the GCTS useful in some sort of way. Glad to here of it, and I think your goals are reasonable and attainable.

Good Luck to All!