Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Seven Circles (of HELL)

I have embarked on completion of the Seven Circles of Hell - the tactical marathon recommended by Michael de la Maza in "Rapid Chess Improvement". I do not possess CT-ART 3.0, so I am using a good old-fashioned paperback book to complete this hell race called "Sharpen Your Tactics" by Anatoly Lein and Boris Archangelsky.

The book is structured in a manner that the problems start off relatively simple with obvious 2-move mates and increase in difficulty to more complex tactical ideas. The number of problems in the book is 1125 - more than the 1000 that is necessary. They are also all positions taken for real games, yet another requirement met.

Why am I doing this?

If you saw my blitz play you'd not be asking me that question...

In any event, I am also doing the Chess Vision Drills as well. I marked a deck of cards a1 through h8 on one side and the square color on the other side for that drill, as well as doing the Forks and Skewers, Knight Flight, and Pawn Grab drills daily for a couple weeks. I just need the practice.

Future Event: The hotel is booked so I hope to see you at me next event - The Eastern CLass Championships in beautiful Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

I figure with McCain winning *as a republican* (excuse me, I think I threw up a little bit in my throat) in Florida, anything can happen...I best spend my money now, 'cuz if that nutjob gets in (or any OTHER Democrat, for that matter), they will be taking more and more from me to 'redestribute' across this great country...

God help us...socialism is alive and well in America.

There. I feel better now. Better take my meds...

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Craig said...

did you get through the seven circles? i have tried a few times but never get past the third circle or so