Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tactics Puzzle

White to move and win

Highlight for answer:[Khalifman-Ulibin, Sochi 1989 1 Nxe6!! Qxe6 2 Re1 Qe1+(2...Ne5 3 Nxc5; 2...Qf7 3 Re7) 3 Qe1 Bb7 4 Qe6+ ... 1-0]


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I guess the question that I like to ask most bloggers is how their rating has progressed over the time they have been blogging. You've been going over one year so have you met or exceeded your aims and objectives?

Anonymous said...


I've had some decent finishes in U2000/U1900 tournaments. I feel more comfortable against higher rated competition than I ever have previously, so I'd say it going as planned so far, but there is lots of work left to do.

I don't get the chance to compete as much as I'd like due to work and family.