Friday, May 30, 2008

Things You Must Do Every Day To Get Better

Here is a list of chess tasks that should be performed each day if you seek to improve:

1) Review Master Games within your Opening Repertoire
2) Specialization Position Training out of Opening Repertoire
3) Tactics Drills
4) Endgame Studies - R+P(s) vs R+P(s); R+N/B vs. R+N/B; K+P vs. K+P
5) Daily Play - G5, G10, G15. Weekly - At least 1 Standard Time Control Game
6) Review Your Losses!

This list covers all aspects of play: Openings, The Middlegame, Endings, Strategy, Tactics, Play and Review of Games.

#1 will help you develop a sense of the strategical themes in your choice of openings, and what types of positions to expect from those openings. #2, critical positions taken from #1, will help you understand the strategic elements of the opening/middlegame and the transitions into the endgame. #3 will keep your tactical eye fresh - it can get stale. #4 will naturally improve your ability to finish your opponent off and not fear transitioning into a won endgame from an advantageous middlegame. #5 will allow you to test your knowledge and gain feedback from your play. #6 You cannot improve if you do not know your weaknesses!


Schereschevsky said...

Great Practical Tips !. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Have you found your methods have worked? Has your rating improved much since you started this program?

I am always interested in how programs have progressed the person's rating.