Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fischer - Karpov, 2006/7?

Mr. Ed Trice of, during the show "Ask the Renaissance Man", hosted by NM Dan Heisman, on, has just made an announcement that a Gothic Chess match between Fischer and Karpov most likely to take place.

Prize Fund: Winner - $10,000,000, Loser - $5,000,000

Mr. Ed Trice and his team flew to Reykjavik for this negotiation. This has been an ongoing negotiation for the past 2 years.

What Is Gothic Chess?

Gothic Chess is *different* from standard chess in that in Gothic Chess, the board is 10 files wide. The first 4 files from the left are identical in setup to standard chess - R, N, B, Q. The three rightmost files are also exactly the same as Standard Chess - B, N, R. The King of each color resides on the square of it's own color in the center of the back rank. Two new pieces, the Chancellor (moves like a Rook or a Knight on any Turn), and the Archbishop (moves like a Bishop or a Knight on any turn), reside next to the King. From White's perspective, the Chancellor resides to the Left of both kings, the Archbishop, to the right. When Castling, the King moves three squares instead of two.

Gothic Chess(tm)

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