Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rook Ending

White to move and win
Highlight below to see solution
[Correa (2320) - Tsuboi (2315)
Brasil (ch), 1990
White mistakenly played 1.Rf5?[ Winning was 1.g4! Rh1 2.Rg7 Kc5 3.Rxb7 Re1+ 4.Kf5 Kd4 ( 4...Rf1+ 5.Kxg5 Kxd5 6.Re7) 5.Rd7!+-] 1...Kc5 2.g4 Rh1 3.Rxg5 b5 4.d6 b4 5.Ke6+ Kc6 6.Rd5 Rh6+! 7.Ke5 Kd7 8.g5 Re6+ 9.Kf5 Rxd6 10.Re5 b3 11.g6 b2 12.Re1 Rc6!= 13.Rb1 Ke7 14.Kg5 Kf8 1/2-1/2


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