Monday, October 16, 2006

Kramnik gives important press conference

Kramnik gives important press conference · Oct 17, 09:28 PM

Today in the “Central Chess Players House” Vladimir Kramnik gave a press conference together with Alexander Zhukov, Vassilii Smislov, the chief of President’s Putin administration Arcadii Dvorkovich, Gir Ginsen (the arbiter of the Wcc 2006 match), and Carsten Hensel.

Alexander Zhukov congratulated Vladimir Kramnik for the victory, emphasizing that “his success – this is not just the success of an outstanding chess player, but also “rescuing” for the entire chess world and, certainly, enormous success of Russian chess.

Alexander Roshal gave the idea that Topalov should be admitted in a round robin in Mexico and then the winner should then play with you a final match. How do you accept this idea?

V.K.: The manager of Topalov, Silvio Danailov, certainly did not show his best side at the WCC 2006, but Topalov as a chess player undoubtedly deserves admittance at the tournament. I consider the old formula with some corrections was most successful in comparison with all the others. They will answer: the match of the Karpov-Spassky, Fischer… and so on… I will defend my position.

Yesterday information appeared about a possible rematch?

V.K.: I have not thought about it yet. I just found out on the Internet. Today Topalov may challenge me, tomorrow Anand, Leko… Ignoring one of these suggestions and playing many matches with one player will not be right.

Mr. Hensel, what is your opinion about Silvio Danailov?
Hensel:For us, it was necessary to fight not only with Danailov, but also with their entire team. All video cassettes during the 4th day were released to Topalov’s team and were reviewed in the presence of the appeals committee. This protest was with the sole purpose to distract Kramnik.

Mr. Zhukov, should Kramnik be given a “Soviet Union style” award?
Zhukov: We are thinking about an award, but let’s not draw parallels to the Soviet Union methods.

How will you comment that the appeals committee was mainly formed by Topalov’s supporters?
V.K.: I did not agree with that, but this was the only thing that we could not discuss. We could choose the main arbiter, but not the appeals committee.

During the match you said you were interested in the Champions League more than the games themselves?
V.K.: True, whenever there is Champions League and a Russian team plays, I watch the games. This time was no exception.

Mr. Kramnik, are you thinking of obtaining higher education?
V.K.: Higher education is not a goal for me. Obtaining a diploma while playing at tournaments is impossible. I have some self-education, which I consider a proper education itself.

In the end of the press conference, came the Vice President of the Russian chess federation, Valerie Zubov, and said, “We should all be happy. Now it is time for women to take first place in the world also.”

The conference was reported by, RIA Novosti, the site of the Russian Chess Federation, and other news sites. Special thanks for the updates to ajedrez cozelino .We have published only confirmed information, since many of the statements are “decorated” with the enthusiastic words of the people reporting it. We will keep on reporting for you from Moscow.


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