Thursday, October 12, 2006

Game 12 Pre-game Report

So, here we are.

After 13 years of pitted confusion in the chess world, brought on by Gary Kasparov's breaking away from FIDE, we have come full circle. Will Kramnik remove all doubt with a victory here today? Or will Topalov be able to further expand the schizm in the elite chess world with a Victory himself, careening Top-Level chess into the courts? Or, will we have - what probably everyone in the chess world wants - a drawn game today so that the combatants can battle it out on Friday in tiebreaks?

My personal feeling is this: Kramnik was definitely attacked by the Topalov team in a manner that has been regarded as a 'dirty trick' by most chess journalists, patzers, and titled players. Being a Kramnik supporter, I have to hope that there is justice in the stars and that Kramnik defeats Topalov today outright.

We will know in about 6 or so hours.

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