Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mate with B + N vs. K

White to move and win.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Keep King in opposition or a Knight's move away from the opposing king.
  • Force the opposing King into a corner of the same color as the Bishop.
  • Use the Knight to cover flight-squares of opposite color of the Bishop.
  • Use the Bishop to create Zugzwang positions.

(highlight below to see one possible answer)
1.Nf2 Kf1 2.Bh2 Ke1 3.Ne4 Kd1 4.Ke3 Kc2 5.Nd2 Kc3 6.Bd6 Kc2 7.Be5 Kc1 8.Kd3 Kd1 9.Bg3 Kc1 10.Nc4 Kd1 11.Ne3+ Kc1 12.Kc3 Kb1 13.Kb3 Kc1 14.Be1 Kb1 15.Bd2 Ka1 16.Nc2+ Kb1 17.Na3+ Ka1 18.Bc3#
Source: Fundamental Chess Endings

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